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The picture above is not an oil filter ( it's a fuel filter)
How important are the filters on my vehicle?
12/27/11 -- Many diesel engine complaints Ie: poor running conditions, lack of power, hard starting,
diminished fuel economy can all be attributed to insufficient filter performance. If you own a diesel
chances are you know how they work. for the rest of you and those of you that don't know. There
is a very fine balance of events that take place in a diesel engine. Diesel injectors today are a
combination of hydraulic (oil) operated switches if you will that are activated electronically and
inject a metered amount of fuel at just the right time to be compressed with a certain amount of air
to cause combustion. Lets break this down a bit. AIR, If the air filter doesn't allow enough to pass
through to the cylinder you get incomplete combustion. OIL, if your oil is dirty or too thick the
injector can fail to open properly causing a miss or hard start. FUEL, the fuel filter if restricted can
starve the cylinder of the fuel required to cause combustion. These statements hold true with a gas
motor as well however the combination is not as critical as in a diesel. With fuel costs these days
near and sometimes over $4.00 per gallon wouldn't you want to get the best bang for your buck? I
strongly encourage you to service your engine per the manufacturers requirements. In most cases
this can vary depending on the conditions in which your vehicle is operated.
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