It's getting colder outside
How is your cooling system working?
Nov 27 2011 -- Many modern vehicles today have very intricate cooling systems. with the introduction of
dissimilar metals ie: aluminum and cast iron being used in engine components it is critical that the protection levels
of your coolant remain at factory standards. Did you know in some cases that the cooling system can cause poor
running conditions? With today's technology your vehicles ECM (electronic control module) monitors engine
temperature and regulates drivability performance accordingly. We have seen vehicles that have lost power and
gained fuel consumption due to faulty cooling system components. The 6.6L Duramax Diesel for instance uses two
thermostats and if one of them sticks open the vehicle will not reach normal operating temps.

Not all coolant is created equally. Once upon a time all coolant was Green now there is purple, Gold, Red/orange. the
significance of the color is, well complicated at best. however not all of it is the same and certain manufacturers
have engineered there vehicles to perform optimally with the coolant they choose, the one thing that hasn't changed
is the coolant to water ratio. For best protection and performance a 50/50 mixture is recommended. We can test
this for you and make sure your coolant is not diluted to much. This ratio may not seem very important to you but it
is very important to your vehicle. With proper coolant levels your heating system will function properly, your
engine will run at the proper temp, and you can avoid freezing conditions and as you all know it can get rather cold
here in Northern Michigan.
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